1. Love's Eulogy

From the recording Singles

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I used to walk upon the water
But now I’m crawling in the sand
I used to feel so much stronger
Now I can barely stand

My forever was with you
Oh, you made me feel so free
Thought the last thing I’d have to do, with you
Is give love’s eulogy

I still dream about the ocean
Walking hand in hand
But you gave up on devotion
And I’ll never understand


Here lies love before us now
Love was good and pure and proud
Filled our lives with happiness
And memories of tenderness
But love was taken suddenly
Leaving us in misery
Oh, Love
Oh, Love
Oh, Love
Oh, Love

Wish I could be the one you dream of
But there’s nothing I can do
I try to picture life without your love
But the tears just cloud my view


Ooh, ooh, ooh…