Andrea Darlas & WGN Staff, WGN Radio Chicago

"...delights our listeners with her soulful and cut-to-the-core songwriting."

"I'm serious, you were so good our engineer and our producer told me that you are hands-down the best musician we've had, and I totally agree you are incredibly talented!"

Lin Brehmer, Morning DJ, 93.1 WXRT Chicago

"You've got soul"

Jared Rush, Wrigley Field - Park at Wrigley, Event Programming

"We love having Jenny Rockis at the Park at Wrigley!  They bring great energy to every event and continue to entertain fans young and old with their songs!"

John Garrido, Rock the Badges and Throwback Music Fest

"Singer, drummer and guitarist, she does it all effortlessly!  Jenny Rockis is old school rock and roll at its best!"

Johnny Cash Festival, Stephen Davern

 “They are a musical punch in the face!”

Rock Chicago Magazine, Peter S. Sakas

 “When I heard the vocals of Jenny, I was instantly on board…she had the best vocals of the night, strong, clear, and outstanding.” 

Jillian Rae, Singer/Songwriter, Minneapolis, MN

"Your harmonies were like if the Indigo Girls and Heart got together and made babies!"

John Smith, Bass Player for "Big City Burn", Chicago, IL

"You sing with balls!"

I Pretend Song Review

"This band has great performance talent and the artist has a lot of charisma! The songwriting puts this music in a much higher league than Kings of Leon or any other supposed Led Zep of this decade. This music has authentic blues rock power!"

'Cash for Kids' Chicago's Johnny Cash Festival

They are the Jenny Rockis Trio and they tore up the Fifth Province at the Irish American Heritage Center!

Rock Chicago Magazine, Peter S. Sakas

 “Her band mates… were great musicians and very demonstrative with their playing, dancing around, posing, interacting with the audience. “

Caviar & NASCAR Song Review

“This is an up tempo rocking country record here! Now this record will and can have an entire club, bar, or radio air waves rocking!”

CBS 2 Chicago

 "A music competition between Chicago police officers and firefighters, dubbed Battle of the Badges will be held this weekend. Chicago Fire Department band, Imposter Radio, will be competing against Chicago Police band, Jenny Rockis Trio."

Rock Chicago Magazine, Peter S. Sakas

“I would be more likely to purchase and listen to a recording of the Jenny Rockis Trio; that is how much I enjoyed her vocal abilities.” 

You Suck Song Review

“You have awesome vocals! Voice is different and totally inviting!”

Southtown Star

“Kicking It With Karen, a fundraiser that takes aim at her staggering medical bills — “in the neighborhood of $70,000,” she said — will be held Oct. 12 at The Chieftain, 6906 W. 111th St., just a few blocks north of her home. There will be raffles, games, food and live music by the Jenny Rockis Trio, Paula Marr, and The PriSSillas. The event starts at 6 p.m. Admission is $10 for adults and $5 for children under 12. There is a cash bar.”

Ninetail Productions

 *THIS* is a lineup you don't want to miss!!

You Suck Song Review

“Brilliant vocals that compliment the tune very well! The lyrics are great and flow well. The guitarist is very advanced and the piece really makes the song.”

Hawaiian Fan, Maria P.

 “…a seasoned roadhouse rocker with a kick-a$$ attitude!”
“Holy Sh*t! Blown away!”
“Staggeringly awesome!”
“A slew of powerful tunes…”

Caviar & NASCAR Song Review

“I like the timing of the piece! It has a nice punk feeling that is getting me pumped and energized! I like the female vocalist, she emotes a strong energy and her vocals are great!”

Chely Wright Singer Songwriter Shakedown

"These beautiful ladies will be performing - Ellen Kay Bacani, Elias Krell, Angela Maloney, Kerri Grant, Emily White, Sara Hill, Jen Rockis, Saoirse Ronne, Katie Hibben and Lil P... Tonight - Round 2 @ the Parlour."

I Pretend Song Review

I'm truly impressed by the voice of the singer, she definitely has that distinctive touch in her performance that can make all lyrics equal to a personal trademark, not just this one. I liked the solid shape and the clear contrast of the arrangement, where everything comes balanced together. It's an engaging experience that can be spotted from a thousand, and that makes it simply unforgettable!

The Villager, Beverly Planning Association

The 8th annual HollyDays... New this year is live music by guitarist/vocalist Chris Fudacz and The Jenny Rockis Trio playing house rock and originals. Guest bartenders include Mike Parker, Micah Materra, Jen Kramer and Skinny Sheahan pouring Holly-tinis. Complimentary appetizers include gluten-free treats from Lil’s Dietary Shop.”