Jenny Rockis - Lead Vocals, Drums, Guitar, Songwriting

Jenny Rockis Bio

Mesmerized by 70’s rock and the musical influence of her family, Jenny Rockis began her career at age 7 by building her own drum set out of TV tray racks, pie tins and clothes hangers. Her parents bought her a shiny new Mickey Mouse drum set to hone her skills as her uncle taught her how to play her first song, “Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress” by The Hollies.
When her grade school music teacher told her “girls don’t play drums,” she was handed a baritone horn to play in the school band, but continued her love for drumming at home.  In high school, she played both baritone and percussion in musicals and marching band, and her rhythmic skills led her to an interest in writing poems and lyrics.  Wanting to make the rhymes tangible, she taught herself how to play guitar and transformed into a passionate and powerful singer/songwriter who has been gracing the stage ever since.  Initially playing in cover bands and wooing the locals, she now showcases her twang flavored rock as a solo artist.

Her professional performing experience began in the mid 1990’s and includes the bands, Bumpin’ Fuzz (Rock/Pop Cover band), Johnny Justice & the Southside Railroad (Rock/Pop Cover band), Bubbly Creek (Songwriting, Original Alternative Country Project), Girl Next Door (Rock/Pop/Country Cover band) and currently the all-female rock band, The PriSSillas (Classic Rock).  Jenny has been honored to perform at many charity events for injured police officers and officers killed in the line of duty